An Alternative to Gold Part IV: Oil and Solar Energy

This section provides clarification for calculating energy production in oil and solar applications. As a reminder The formula is Currency price= Non-human biological mass(Energy) / Total Earth Land Area(M) + Pollution (Airborne aerosols and non-biological elements release into the biosphere during production) Oil Crude oil has different compositions of Hydrogen and carbon atoms but can be calculated for the expected energy outputs of hydrogen that is burned as fuel and the carbon that combines with oxygen to create carbon dioxide and water. Some atom formulations of crude oil are noted as follows: Pentane (C5H12) Octane (C8H18) Nonane (C9H20) Hexadecane (C16H34) … Continue reading An Alternative to Gold Part IV: Oil and Solar Energy

An Alternative to Gold: Part III

Fire The term “work” was created by Mathematician Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis in 1826. His description of “weight lifted through air” was from observing mining equipment lifting water in buckets from a mine. The formulation for work in physics is W= Fd Work equals a force that displaces an object in a direction. Work on an object can be shown by the change in kinetic energy of that object. W= (Energy) K E This formula is noted with a triangle symbol where the word energy is placed. This is the formula that all of my work is based on. This formula takes … Continue reading An Alternative to Gold: Part III

An Alternative to Gold Part II

Two categories of human output emerge from this system: Tools and Consumer Products Tools has two formulations for production, but requires larger energy output and directly competes with biomass output. The first is the Recycling or extraction of metal: Metal Recycling: SE+T= M Crafting Tools: SE+M+CP=T (CP notes wooden handles or any other CP made from farm production) Consumer Products have three equation levels associated : Farm Production: T+ S+BE+ CE = EE + BE Craft/Consumer Production: SE+EE or BE +T=CP Composting: T+ BE+ CP = CE + S (<—No metals here ) Every level of production requires energy for output. … Continue reading An Alternative to Gold Part II

An Alternative to Gold

This week three people requested my alternative theory to gold. I first thought about it while reading Marx. Don’t runaway just yet: I have read a lot more than just Marx.  The basic formula for labor theory excludes simple choices of economy that humans are known to do such as: sheep herding, growing food, and smaller tasks that could be considered jobs all by themselves. It also excludes a balance between natural resources, biosystems, and human axiom. The first part of my theory is a new basis for currency.  I noticed that anything we base our currency on, eventually becomes … Continue reading An Alternative to Gold

Chapter 2: Water

Chapter 2: Water La Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich is located in Tulum Municipality, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It extends 235 ft into the underworld and boasts 42 miles (67 km) of passages for advanced cave diving. The name is a blend of Espanol and Yucatec that means “Giant Birdcage System”. The entire cave system connects with the Caribbean Sea. “Pre-Colombian underworld earth lords were wealthy beings who live inside mountains, associated with black water, the primordial sea from where all life was spawned.” (Wilder Utopia) This system of caves that leads to the ocean could have made it very easy for … Continue reading Chapter 2: Water