Mexico Announces (NMX) Carbon Market

“People are sick of listening ‘your forest has value’ when they do not have money to support their family on daily basis with their intact forests,” says Eduardo Martínez from Investigación y Soluciones Sociambientales A.C.

That seems to be the problem that multinationals don’t understand…the cost of burning their carbon is higher than they are willing to pay to share the wealth.

Carbon credits effect the poorest among us, and since people want to talk about how much trees are really worth…let’s talk about it.

Stop cutting the trees for their “value”! They are more valuable alive. So we can breathe. And since the biggest polluters are making it hard to breathe…they should be paying top dollar to burn  our oxygen. It’s simple. Cut the trees and die…or cut the corruption and live.

Our planet’s lungs are choking for a breathe in a hot sweltering smoke filled bar room. Perhaps the forest industry and the pollution produced by every other industry should all attend AA meetings and …er I mean the REDD+ UN meeting and pay a high ticket price to the 7 billion people who like breathing, the poorest starving IP, and every other green or breathing thing on the planet.

In the meantime, I am issuing a granola stamp on Mexico’s efforts for a forest carbon market. And as I have previously blogged: Things won’t get better until our MONEY is based on biological life and not the metal and machines used to kill the planet.

Please support The New Industry School of Ghana…big things are in the works…investment in sustainable technology and education is returned in maximum value!


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