The First Draft of the Quantum Order of Humanity

The Quantum Order of Humanity

Order 1 Universal Existence. All humans and biological lifeforms are members of the Quantum Order.

Order 2 Food, Housing, Consumer products. Biological life is dependent on other biological life for food, housing, and consumable products or tools.

2.1 Sacrifice is the method and consumption of biological life for acquiring these essential living needs. The most sustainable methods for sacrifice are employed. Sacrifice can never be defined as taking life for any purpose other than food, housing, or consumable products.

2.2 Human sacrifice is forbidden.

2.3 If a life is taken for any other purpose, the Order has an obligation to investigate and correct the responsible life form and subject the life form to Order 5. The Order also has an obligation to employ community response to corrective methods of Order 4 to ensure ending the practice of taking a life form for any other purpose than sacrifice. In the past…

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