The Plasttle Castle: New Design Repurposes Plastic Bottles into Construction Materials

The Plasttle Castle: New Bottle Design Repurposes Beverage Bottles into Construction Materials

Quart, Liter, and Gallon sizes fit tightly together, filled with water, sand, dirt, air creating wall panels, greenhouses, windows, art, Donate to license!

Most people know me for my creative ideas, but today I sent one of them to a lawyer for licensing. The Plasttle (patent pending) repurposes plastic bottles as construction material.


Did you know?:

  • On average we use 168 plastic water bottles each per year.
  • We spend on average $588.00 on water bottles each year
  • It takes 700 years before plastic bottles start to decompose, and can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose
  • Approximately 1500 bottles end up in landfills and the ocean…….every second
  • 60 million plastic water bottles are used each day in the US alone, 30 Million in Europe, more than 100 million worldwide every day
  • It takes 3-5 liters of water to make 1 plastic bottle
  • 2,500,000 tons of a carbon dioxide was produced in the manufacturing of the plastic bottles each year
  • United Nations Environment Program estimates that in every single square mile of the sea, there’s 46,000 pieces of plastic floating – worldwide
  • The Algalita Marine Research foundation estimates as much as 1 million pieces in 1 square km in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • There’s an area estimated to be the size of Texas (some say twice the size) in the Pacific Ocean known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is a swirling mass of plastic trash
  • Many researches and environmental organizations list plastic and the number one threat to our marine environment
  • Each year millions of birds, mammals and fish die from plastic because they either eat it or get caught in it
  • 8 million items of marine litter have been estimated to enter oceans and seas every day,
  • Over 80 species of seabirds have been  found to ingest plastic
  • In a 1998 survey, 89 per cent of the litter observed floating on ocean surface in the North Pacific was plastic.
  • The AMRF in 2002 found 6 kilos of plastic for every kilo of plankton near the surface. This can be as much as 30-60 times in some places
  • 70 per cent of the marine litter that enters the sea ends up on the seabed
  •  It takes about 272 billion liters of water a year, worldwide, just to make the empty bottles.

As you can see, plastic bottles are a big resource suck and they end up in the ocean!

My plastic bottle design would create a second market for plastic bottles, reduce shipping cost, reduce waste, and create a beautiful construction material for gardeners, artists, and light lovers everywhere.  I call it the Plasttle.

It is a square shaped bottle that screws tightly with any other bottle of equal girth size. The bottle base and height would fit in display coolers and hold any beverage, but would have identical bottle openings for a tight fit.

The bottles can then be filled with water, sand, dirt, air or the product of the consumer’s choosing to create wall panels, hot houses, green houses, window panels, art installations, and anything the consumer can invent to reuse the plastic bottle.

Quart, Liter, and Gallon sizes would fit tightly together in their prospective sizes. This invention has applications in the bottling industry, the agricultural industry, and the impact of plastic on the environment.

The Plasttle has the potential to reduce bottling expenses through space saving square design, while giving an everyday plastic bottle a new purpose as construction material. It just needs you! The people with the resources to bring it to market!

Please contact me to bring my invention to your design firm or bottling company and donate to license the invention for production applications!


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