An Alternative to Gold

This week three people requested my alternative theory to gold. I first thought about it while reading Marx. Don’t runaway just yet: I have read a lot more than just Marx.  The basic formula for labor theory excludes simple choices of economy that humans are known to do such as: sheep herding, growing food, and smaller tasks that could be considered jobs all by themselves. It also excludes a balance between natural resources, biosystems, and human axiom.

The first part of my theory is a new basis for currency.  I noticed that anything we base our currency on, eventually becomes a war tool for the acquisition of resources. Taking this into account, I thought “What exactly do we really want when we hoard paper or gold or ‘commodities’?” We want land and resources. Adding this to the trade requirements of voluntary association, we require currency. So if we require currency and we war for land and resources the axiom says…

This is the formulation I came up with.

Currency price= Non-human biological mass(EE+BE+CE) / Total Earth Land Area(M) (Naturally Adjusted for sunlight and rainfall, not adjusted for irrigation)

Whew. I know I may have already lost you.

Here are some more premises I use for this.

-Biologically Unproductive land has only human inflated value. For example, Solar installations are very useful in desert areas, but are not naturally occurring. We build them. On the other end, a rainforest is naturally productive at a huge scale. Under this system the biologic life is more valued as a complex solar biosystem than the artificial solar installation. This does not mean the solar installation has zero value, it means it has market value. (Getting there, too!)

-Wild, Naturally Productive land (like a rainforest) can be used as the “bank”. A savings of biological resources. A premium protective status is placed on biological life systems already in place.

-Farming is a copy of a part of a naturally occurring system. Therefore: it can easily be thrown out of balance with the local system, subject the existing system to death, creating the unbalance that lead us to use pesticides.

-Get your towel and don’t panic! Farming is protected: as biologic existence and carbon exchange. Under this system, farm plants would count toward land value.

-But, But tall Buildings are worthless! Not if they are multilevel green! 🙂 Buildings can easily reclaim all of their surface area farm value by adding green space on all 5 solar powered sides of the building. Tall buildings with green spaces would precious. Tall buildings with no carbon exchange, would only be worth the market exchange value for the materials.

When thinking through the parts to this I came up with three categories of axiom.First was the “Land Bank”: we call them “Natural Resources” but this term is broad, exclusive to market whim, and not protective of biological existence. This term applies to all bodies of water as well. The Land Bank is the entire earth.

The second part was Human need. Agricultural Production and Tool Production.

I divided these two categories but they are interdependent. Agricultural Production I renamed the “Compostable Industry”.  This industry includes the variables edible energy, biomass, stored energy, compost energy, and consumer products that exclude metal and fossil fuels in their production.

Tool Production I renamed the “Recyclable Industry”. The recyclable industry includes stone, fossil fuel and metal products for tool making. Any element not degradable in a solar year or incompatible with the Compost Industry at the composting level.

For each of the interdependent parts of these two axiom industries I came up with formulas to note their production components.

T= Tool

M= Metal

EE= Edible Energy

BE= Biomass Energy (EE waste or harvested directly)

S= Solar energy (50% input over a solar year)

SE=Stored energy from fuel (BE, Wind, water, methane, Fossil)

CE= Compost Energy (Nutrient and biological production mix)

CP= Consumer Products (Compostable)

Bear with me. I wrote this down today for the first time. 😉 The equals sign is a loose way for me to express the conversion process.

Farm Production: T+ S + CE = EE + BE

Tools + Solar Energy + Composted Energy = Edible Energy + Biomass

Craft/Consumer Production: SE+EE+T=CP

Metal Recycling: SE+T= M

Crafting Tools: SE+M+CP=T (CP notes wooden handles or any other CP made from farm production)

Composting: T+ BE + CP = CE + SE(Composting creates Methane that can be collected, scrubbed and stored with a tool)

Are you with me so far? 🙂

Humans (and all non-plant life)  have an equation too. EE+ CP = S+ BE but I didn’t include it because humans could easily be enslaved as part of the currency price. While this may be true, it really needs exploration.

All of the variables (including T) have a life expectancy or “spoiling point”, so keeping them in a cycle will eliminate waste and garbage completely.

*Fossil fuels and other fuels have a pollution output that also needs conversion with biomass.

This has all probably left your head spinning a bit but I promised I would get to the market.

The market is based on energy needs at several levels. The equations themselves express the energy levels of conversion, but not human energy levels. I see this entirely based on tool design, life expectancy, and energy requirements. Those are all human axioms, our “jobs” if you will. So the market is the currency, and the currency is the market. Based on my equation of : (EE + BE+CE)/M


Non-Human Biological Mass

————————————– (divided by)

Total Earth Land Area

Questions or Comments? Please!


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