Artbermiss Hive


The concept of the hive homes/businesses is in hopes of creating workable space for small venture and co-operative living. Each building includes minimalist design for personal fulfillment. There is underground storage and waste processing. The upper level is self-sufficient tiny house. The competing concept is technical excellence for trade and individual enterprise.


This subgroup includes an apiary, a vegetable exchange hub, a perfumery, a tool making shop, a chef establishment, and a dairy as the central food grouping.


The buildings could be portable. I thought a central square equipped with live stage and seating for customers was appropriate.


Property division in a hive formation. Enterprise/Public land Lines of connection can be extended on either axis of the hive. Hive lands should intersect with sustaining businesses. For example: bees should have uninterrupted access to all plants for pollination, goats have adjoining pasture with goat herds and dairies, the methane digester sits next to the vermiposter (far away from food, craft areas), etc.


I have a completed hive diagram that has gotten lost in the move, but as soon as I dig it out I will post it.


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