Artbermiss System: Introduction, Chapter 1


Introduction: Praexeology

When I started researching the current affairs of our world, I never imagined what I would find. Life is full of surprises. The purpose of this blog is to inspire voluntaryists, humanists, agorists, anarchists, and human beings in general to cooperate in building a system that is sustainable, enjoyable, protect-able, and has the capacity to meet human needs with the cooperative economy. The potential of this exists already in your imagination and relationships!

The research for this project included sources from black, gray and white markets of human production and consumption. These labels are applied loosely based on a set of millions of words. Please do not make a single word of authoritarian action regarding the contents of the Artbermiss System— the entire structure is meant to be voluntary from its inception. The purpose of this book is to inspire and innovate humans to voluntary economic action.

The school of thought most prevalent in my life has been the human action axiom. Praexeology: the deductive study of human action axiom. What do we do with ourselves? What have we learned from those actions? The axiom sounds extreme when it states: Decision theory and analysis are based on the maximum expected utility. These factors are based on time and skill and unfortunately so can the basis for human production: labor. That icky sticky word that keeps all of us wondering from infancy how or where we will fit in to the human puzzle. Fear not! You are what you eat: Messology.

Messology is everything else! Some libertarians are scared to death of messology. (I know, I kill myself) The two have an intricate balance that has been largely ignored. Messology is the supportive system, but also the existence of all of the other life. The “mess” is ours to make, take, or bake. In the case of the United States, the last part excluded is sustainability. Sustainability is a part of messology. The planet has every system already in place for us to copy and exploit! We don’t have to kill off everything to do it. We don’t have to suck energy from ancient sources. We can and always have had the ability to both utilize and keep those systems in place. It is a matter of process and public policy. (the community) Just as the universe itself is made from axiom atoms, so are we. Our action and reaction determines the condition of the planet we live on and the families and communities we build.

Chapter 1: Earth

Objective Earth

We are told that the center of the earth is a solid hot magnet that floats the land on plates. Earthquakes confirm this. Our planet is beautifully diverse and disaster filled. The goals for our land should meet these needs of both sustenance and escape.

Having enough food and living arrangements for the people of your community is a challenge we all face every day.  Lets break it down for the purpose of illustration. In our 12-16 hours of daylight each of us has similar needs. This traditionally has come from the term ‘work’ or ‘job’. For the purpose of the Artbermiss system, the economy of humans will be referred to as “utility”.

Our axiom utility as early agriculturalist humans was as simple as making cloth to keep our babies warm, raising vegetables, and finding shelter. Some cultures haven’t ‘come out the woods’ so to speak’, gratefully. This gives us a unique opportunity to examine a purely recyclable, sustainable, system already in place. All of the existing systems rely on pure predator-prey relationships in either an artificially produced farm, or a free-growing free-ranging, hunter-gather.

Both of these systems have their merits in different climates and ecosystems. The soil diversity in these areas makes each system unique. And so, the selective process for what lives and dies is dependent on this and our choice of axiom. What tool do we use? This we get from the:

Physical Earth

Dirt. They say a little never hurt, but we sure do know how to fight over it. Do we know how much it takes for one of us to be fed for a solar year? So far the focus has been on homesteading and growing your own food.

What if you could be confident your food was growing for a whole season?! The co-operative system gifts us this.


The history of mining is dark as a cave. Punny, I know. Metals are a source of destruction and tools. Healthy communities fight mining because of the destruction it brings with the constant labor over ore. Choosing mining over farming does not make food. Axiom utility should always identify this purpose.

Community, Private Property, and the debate of association

Hunter-gatherer is not dead in the world today! Many institutionalists have either tried to adopt or erase the practiced history of earth subsistence through ownership of land. Ownership is not a co-operative practice of existence. The materials that exist in our homes and lives have always existed. It is the axiom and timed discovery that reveals their forms. Their utility has come to decide their worth, and so should your plan for your community.

Space is public until a few decide to exclude certain people from it. Exclusion of persons from materials is ownership. When you exclude the materials, you enslave the person. Suddenly, this item that you acquired (no matter how you think your action justifies its existence) is not available for the person who may need it right now. And the person who might need it right now, has the axiom of taking it. (We traditionally call this stealing) However, borrowing on trust of community is one of the oldest customs. Between ownership, stealing, and borrowing, I choose borrowing.

I borrow things from the earth, including this body. They will go back there unless axiom changes where.

Existing Bio-Systems

Traditional cultures rely on existing bio-systems. These existing systems are threatened with colonization from questionable axiom of invading human monoculture. Each axiom in the system should include space and relationship as well as consideration for resource.

For example, Native Americans had traditional routes of travel, food, shelter, and social management. Then a large group of invading humans decided to eat, cut, and fence it all right over top of their existing system. IF OWNERSHIP ever existed, it wasn’t at the moment when the invaders destroyed the living landscape, existing culture, and people.

Predation on each other for resources comes FROM the IDEA of ownership: the acquisition of life, rather than the experience and existence of life. Who would need a trophy room, if they actually wanted to PET the wild animals? And why pet them? Petting our animals led to farming and monoculture. This is a lesson we should never forget! They have spacial needs as well. Ownership does not account for this. It only accounts for a central need to consume. Consumption is reward of axiom utility. In this little expression of human survival we find all the ingredients to our co-existence. Yet, when in our current system are we driven to axiom? Emotion and basic needs like hunger, partnership, shelter, health, and spirit! None of these demands papered ownership of anything! They require human cooperation and earth bio-Systems.


A whim of the earth: its grumblings open our homes to the treachery of water and earth. Volcanoes are a fact of life. Sacred forms of the earth expressing its great power. Depending on where you live, it IS one of the ultimate types of destruction. The area around Mt. Rainier, originally known as Tahoma, has a lush forest of splendor surrounding a the majestic volcano. The area is wild farmed through a state cooperative. Residents can apply for permits or wait for the right gathering announcements from the workers at the parks department. Mushrooms, berries, rocks and plants are pick over through the areas. Coca-cola and Pepsi glass, chemical cardboard refuse from a quickie mart in a fat plastic bag are found often, too.

The main park is excluded from the bark stripping, berry picking, and gathering-hunting. It is wilderness space. If you ever visit there, you are sure to find a lazy black bear chowing on some berries or salmon or a fox sleeping in the hot sun. Deer walk around the visitor center munching on plants. Glorious orchids and lush rivers flow down from it and power our lives. It is a life source of great biological mystery and power. Volcanoes warm areas of high mountain treacherous snow barren wasteland into lush rain forests of splendid flowers and ageless life.

Volcanic vents power life at the bottom of the ocean: the very last place some men expected to find life. Heat, water, and minerals power these life forms. Air is also something that varies in life. Bacteria and other creatures, like those at the vents and in caves, biologically adapt to cave life and are systemically transported through the system via underground waterways. This water is heated by the earth’s core and is known as Geo-thermal heat.

The schematics for thermal plants include a water system of pipes leading into the earth that heat steam to create energy. Your business and home could be communally heated with geo-thermal heat. Just as a pipeline connects oil towers, communities have the capability of connecting living space and public space to free heat from the earth.


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